Wedding styling & design

Inspired. Chic. Elegant. The aesthetic at Cynthia Martyn Events is one of ‘classic elegance”. With a keen eye for details and brimming with inspirational, creative ideas, we work closely with our clients to plan and design spectacular affairs.

For our full-service planning clients, the wedding styling and design process is a critical element that is included with our services.  This area is primarily focused on the visual elements of your event (invitations and stationery, florals, decor, entertainment, unique touches) as well as experiential elements (the overall ambiance and guest experience). Our goal when working with our clients is to ensure that every wedding is cohesive from both a visual and experiential viewpoint - simply put, to create a stunning event that looks and feels well- organized and beautifully styled,  but is still reflective of your own personal tastes, style and overall wedding vision.

Wedding Design & Wedding Day Prop Styling
For our clients that wish to plan their own events, but love the Cynthia Martyn aesthetic and wish to engage us to design the decor and environment for their event, we are pleased to provide full Wedding Design and Prop Styling as a standalone service.   In addition to designing your wedding with a focus on the myriad of visual details and touch-points above, our services also provide for a Wedding Day Stylist to attend on the wedding day, acting as a prop-stylist whose sole focus is to make every aspect of your day beautiful.  By carefully curating styled vignettes featuring your wedding accessories, bouquet, decor, stationery, and other meaningful details, we assist your photographer in capturing wedding day imagery that is cohesive, well-designed, visually pleasing and meaningful.  You are investing a significant amount of money in the many details of your event, and our services ensure that these elements are beautifully staged and captured by your photographer.  We have an extensive warehouse of props and rentals which are also available at additional cost.

Fine Art Wedding Design & Styling
We are specialists in "fine art" wedding styling.  Fine art styling is an approach to wedding design that is heavily influenced by organic, natural and refined elements and a careful attention to detail when styling your wedding.  We look at every element of your design from invitations, to cake design, to event rentals, linens, chairs, and florals - all from a "fine art" approach. A fine art wedding is aesthetically pleasing, and feels harmonious to it's environment.  Think wood harvest tables, loosely styled florals, natural linen napkins, beautiful tableware and hand-lettered stationery.  Never heard of a fine art wedding?  Check out the beautiful blog Wedding Sparrow for some inspiring examples of this style of wedding design.

Image by 5ive 15ifteen photo co.